Patient Education

Now a days, providing ‘medical care’ is not bounded only for providing medical treatment and facility, but also about ensuring that patients are fully educated and aware about various diseases and techniques to safeguard their own self and families.”

For educating patient about diseases there are various techniques used, such as-

Computer-based education: Computer aided education plays vital role in educating patients.

It allows patients to view and to hear patient education materials not only in the hospital but also while being at home. Also these materials have inbuilt test material to evaluate learning by patient after completing the program.

Video Based education: Video education is slightly differs from computer-based training. Where education material is comprised in video and later a written post-test could be used to evaluate learning. But to using this technique is not that much useful for patients with listening & eye disability.

Demonstration based education: Demonstration is one of the oldest, most proven and effective patient-teaching technique. Patients can be educated directly by showing how diseases spread and how a process of precaution works. This will help patients to implement preventive methods effectively at home.

Education based on written material: Educating people using written material seems very old and routine process but, it can be very effective. For example, material having pictures instructions or explanations is much easier to understand. It can provide deep understanding on how diseases attack, and how one can prevent it.

Education Instruction provided while Discharge: Patients can be educated at the time of discharge, Brief instruction at the time of discharge about the diseases and remedies that can actually help people to get educated. Discharge instructions can easily be printed. Many medical institutions practice this method. Various software like PHR and EMR systems, are available which can be useful to print discharge notes.

Retaining Patients

While educating patients about various Diseases and their Preventive Measures, It is also important to retain them to keep balance in medical healthcare industry business. A good repo with patients is the key to success and growth of your medical organization.”

Let us check which are the best practices followed by industry for retaining the existing patients and attracting the new ones.

Be Transparent & Educate Existing Patients

Large majority of patients don’t really understand and much concern on how important it is to take care of their health and maintaining hygiene in day to day life. The best way to make sure that your patients keep coming back to eternal health checkups is to educate them on benefits of regular checkups and impart transparency all through the process. You can educate patients about importance of regular hygiene and preventative measures, rather than waiting for a small issue to become major health problems.

Develop personal skills and be likeable

Patients do care about your PCPs personal skills and how you develop the comfort between you and them. Not all patients are social butterfly, but people love to get pampered. The personality of overall staff plays a vital role in developing comfort level of patient. Improving social skills definitely helps retaining patients and also helps welcome some new inquiries.

A happy patient is the key to sustain growth

Your happy patients can work for you to grab some more business. Many practices fail to notice the value their happy patients. Using referrals from your existing patients can bring in new patients. People have tendency to trust more when their friends or relatives have already experienced your services. Try to implement simple ways by maintaining repo with your existing patients, this will help not only maintaining healthy relations with existing patients but also will build strong pipeline for your future business.

Reduce the stress of your dental patients

Studies have shown that 15 percent of Americans vigorously avoid seeing the PCP (Doctor) because it makes them ill at ease and feels stressful. You don’t have to specialize to make your patients comfortable when they visit your office, just you need is to maintain fruitful and stress less conversation. It is proven that a conversation make people eventually feel comfortable. Once you won the trust of your patient it will be much easier time attracting and retaining patients.

Growing a successful medical practice is a difficult task. Educate your patients on their health; this will certainly reflect a positive effect on your healthcare organization. Strengthening the capacity of HCPs & PCPs to educate patients will improve health outcomes for the individual and the entire health care system. Let’s make a step towards practicing these basic strategies; and you will witness significant improvement in your chances of retaining current patients; this will also help you to bring some new patients into your offices.